We Help You Manage and Expand Your Business.

We use your programs, your excel workbooks, working under your process. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We want to grind a successful process as a reliable team member.

  • Manage a bid board, including scraping for new projects in plan rooms.

    • Detailed takeoffs, with experience in over 15 takeoff platforms.

    • Proposal writing with inclusions, exclusions, and assumptions.

    • Managing RFI’s and addendum.

    • Establishing pricing, including interacting with vendors.

  • Organize a vendor list per material type.

  • Send out RFQ’s and ensure coverage per project.

  • Manage a bid board, including vendor quotations and follow-ups after submittals.

  • Email and text message follow-ups throughout the process as needed.

Meet the Estimating Team

Division Estimating Manager Civil and Concrete

Licensed Civil Engineer

Abby Ann Sy of Bold Estimation

Division Estimating Manager Flooring, Drywall and Metal Stud Framing and Drafting

Licensed Architect

Division Estimating Manager Lumber Framing and Siding

Licensed Civil Engineer

Division Estimating Manager Thermal and Moisture Protection / Doors and Windows / Specialties

Licensed Civil Engineer

Division Estimating Manager Roofing and Waterproofing

Licensed Civil Engineer

Division Estimating Manager HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection

Licensed Mechanical Engineer

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