Our contracts are at-will. We have no term and never will. we are so confident on ourselves every day. We lose less than 2% of our clients annually, most for reasons outside of our control. We are going to get it right with you.

We price our services based on volume. More volume, lower price.

Flat Monthly Fee

$ 3,000 Month

for up to 165 hours.


Variable Option A

$ 35 / Hour

for less than 50 hours / Month.

Variable Option B

$ 25 / Hour

for between 51-150 hrs per month

Variable Option C

$ 18 / Hour

for any work over 151 hrs per month

Hours are billed at rate for total hours.

Example: 55 hrs in a month equates to $1,375 (55x$25).

If you want a dedicated estimator, we have to go monthly to reserve the capacity.

We will work with you on pricing whether you are big or small and are doing our best to scale with you.

Explore our About Us page to learn more about our estimation team and what we are capable of.

We directly explain all of the experience and capabilities that we have as a firm.

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